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Israeli PM Netanyahu meets his Spanish, Belgian counterparts
Israeli PM Netanyahu meets his Spanish, Belgian counterparts

Israeli PM Netanyahu meets his Spanish, Belgian counterparts

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2023 19:38 IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 24 (ANI): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday met his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez and Belgian counterpart Alexander De Croo in Tel Aviv.
"I met the Prime Minister of Spain Sanchez and the Prime Minister of Belgium De Croo," Netanyahu wrote on 'X'.
The Spanish Prime Minister on Friday said Spain welcomes the agreement for the release of hostages and to establish a humanitarian pause in Gaza.
"I hope it lays the groundwork for a lasting humanitarian ceasefire," he said.
He further said: "I want to express Spain's commitment to Egypt in response to the current crisis. This week, our country will deliver a shipment of medical supplies to Egyptian hospitals and thus increase their capacity to care for evacuees from Gaza."
He added: "One more example of how the European Union collaborates to support our partners."
The Belgium Prime Minister meanwhile said: "We're at a crossroads. Let us end the cycles of terrorism and violence. My plea for a sustainable solution and respect for humanitarian law to Prime Minister Netanyahu."
On Thursday, Israel's President Isaac Herzog met the Spanish, and Belgium PMs at the President's Residence in Jerusalem.
Prime Minister Sanchez of Spain said, "My country, Spain, shares in Israel's pain and sorrow. We condemn once again the shocking acts of terrorism of October 7. And I welcome the agreement that will allow for the release of some of the hostages and establishment of the humanitarian pause."
Prime Minister De Croo of Belgium said, "October 7, we woke up in agony. We saw things that we would never imagined we would ever see. Let me be clear, we stand on your side in protecting the Israeli people and protecting your rights to protect yourself from terrorist attacks. Antisemitism is something that is not acceptable. And it puts in danger Jewish people around the world. And they live in agony today. And we feel it and we want to help."
Meanwhile, the truce brokered by Qatar between Israel and Hamas went into effect at 7 am (local time) on Friday.
In the lead-up to the temporary ceasefire, there were rocket sirens in Israeli towns near Gaza, and the IDF conducted intense shelling in Gaza to advance its mission against Hamas, The Times of Israel reported.
At 4 pm (local time), 13 hostages in Gaza are set to be freed, followed by an unspecified number of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.
Over the next four days, around 50 women and children will be released, leaving an estimated 190 in the hands of Palestinian groups. Additionally, 150 Palestinian prisoners, mostly women and minors, are expected to be released, as reported by The Times of Israel.
The deal offers incentives for more hostage releases, with Israel agreeing to an extra day of truce for every ten additional hostages released by Hamas.
The truce allows for an influx of fuel and humanitarian supplies to Gaza, marking the first cessation of fighting since the conflict began seven weeks ago when Hamas massacred roughly 1,200 people, mostly civilians. (ANI)