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Elon Musk (Photo Credit: Reuters)
Elon Musk (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Elon Musk set to visit Israel next week

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2023 12:14 IST

Tel Aviv [Jerusalem], November 24 (ANI): Business tycoon Elon Musk is expected to be in Israel next week, during which he will visit towns near the Gaza border that were attacked by Hamas on October 7, The Jerusalem Post reported citing Hebrew broadcast channel N12.
According to the report, Musk will meet with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit.
Musk has come under increasing fire in recent weeks for supposed failures to combat antisemitism on the social media site X, formerly Twitter, which the entrepreneur bought in April 2022, The Jerusalem Post has reported.
The failure to combat antisemitism on the app and comments viewed as anti-Semitic, shared by Musk himself resulted in several advertisers like Apple and Disney cutting off their spending on the microblogging site.
Amid the row over endorsing 'anti-semitic' post on X, the platform owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the social media platform will file a "thermonuclear lawsuit" against the media watchdog 'Media Matters' alleging that it "completely misrepresented the real user experience" and "undermined free speech".
Earlier this week, Musk announced that X would be donating all revenue from advertising and subscriptions "associated with the war in Gaza" to hospitals in Israel and the Red Cross/Crescent in Gaza.
In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Musk wrote, "We will track how funds are spent and go through Red Cross/Crescent. Better ideas are welcome. We should care about the innocent regardless of race, creed, religion or anything else."
Last month, Musk had made a claim that he wanted to provide internet coverage through his ambitious new Starlink satellite to the Gaza Strip, which sparked outrage from Israeli officials, including Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi, The Jerusalem Post has reported.
Karhi claimed he would fight any move to try to do so nevertheless Musk stressed that if Starlink access is provided to Gaza, the company would take "extraordinary measures" to confirm that it is used for purely humanitarian reasons.
Friday marks the first day of a four-day ceasefire set to commence between Israel and the Hamas militant group, which will see the release of hostages, Palestinian prisoners and crucial humanitarian aid entering the Gaza Strip. (ANI)