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Advocate Abhilasha Chahalia
Advocate Abhilasha Chahalia

Women shouldn't abandon dreams after marriage, feels Mrs India Empress contestant and lawyer, Abhilasha Chahalia

ANI | Updated: Jun 03, 2023 19:45 IST

New Delhi [India], June 3 (ANI): Dreams do come true! Abhilasha Chahalia, an advocate fascinated by the glitz, cameras and lights of the glamour industry since childhood, found herself weighed down by the responsibilities of academics, establishing a stable career, marriage and parenthood. But at the age of 37, she is finally living her dreams by appearing in Mrs India Empress of the Nation 2023.

Abhilasha is one of the finalists for Mrs India Empress Of The Nation 2023 by Diva Pageants, which will be held in Pune this month. Thinking about walking the ramp with other married women makes her beam with joy. Why would she not? After all, it was her childhood dream.
Speaking to ANI about the same, Abhilasha, who is the mother of two children, said, "I could not be happier. There's no better feeling than fulfilling your childhood dream. I always wanted to do something in the glamour world but I got involved in law since I belong to a bureaucratic family. However, that little dream did not vanish and always stayed in my heart. When I got to know about this pageant, I could not resist from applying for it and trying my luck. Luckily, I got selected."

Abhilasha also expressed her gratitude to her family for supporting her decision.
"Everyone in my family supported me and when I told my husband, he immediately said 'go for it'. Receiving love and support from your loved ones really ups your confidence level," she added.
The Diva beauty pageant gives women a chance to represent themselves internationally and excel in their own fields by breaking the stereotypical age bar and shining not just as mothers, wives, and daughters but as individual women.
And with her representation at the contest, Abhilasha wants to become an inspiration for all women--- especially married women out there.
"I don't want women to give up on their dreams just because of marriage. I understand it's not easy when you have so many responsibilities on your shoulders but women should not forget themselves and their ambitions. I hope I will inspire everyone with my work, " Abhilasha said.
Abhilasha is definitely setting an inspirational example by acing the statement that "age is just a number." (ANI)