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Oliver Kahn visits school in Mumbai (Photo: ANI)
Oliver Kahn visits school in Mumbai (Photo: ANI)

"India has immense potential in football": Germany's iconic keeper Oliver Kahn

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2023 21:29 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 24 (ANI): Germany's iconic goalkeeper Oliver Kahn on Friday visited the GD Somani School in Mumbai on Friday and interacted with the students as well and stated that India has immense potential in football and will compete in the World Cup.
Expressing his thoughts on the future of Indian football, Kahn shared his optimism, and said, "India has immense potential in football. The passion I see here is incredible. It's time for India to carve its own way of playing football, blending its rich culture with the beautiful game. I genuinely believe that India will soon be a formidable force on the global football stage, competing in the World Cup."
The South Mumbai school resonated with cheers as the football icon was welcomed in a traditional Indian and traditional manner, symbolising the unity of global football culture.

Kahn received an astounding welcome from the faculty of the school as well as the students. The German legend signed the jerseys of students and talked about his visit to the university and playing his final career game in Kolkata on May 27, 2008, against the oldest club in Asia, Mohun Bagan.
"It was an absolutely amazing moment to visit this university. I remember my last game in Kolkata. I remember the people and fans. It was sad for me, my last game. Two decades, so many memories. It reminded me of my youth. The young people are the future of India."
He further went on to talk about his initial football days and the level of commitment as well as the hard work he had to do in order to reach the level he achieved in his career.
"Football is not just a game; it's a way of life. The challenges I faced in my career taught me the value of persistence. 'Never give up' has been my motto in life, and I encourage each one of you to embrace it. Success comes to those who are relentless in their pursuit of excellence," remarked Kahn, capturing the attention of aspiring football enthusiasts," Kahn said.
Kahn also talked about his career days, especially during his time with Germany's top club Bayern Munich and said, "I remember getting a call from. Bayern Munich asking to be the no.1 goalkeeper. I thought someone on the radio was joking. One of the biggest moments in my life. That's when my career started. After suffering and not winning the Champions League with Bayern which we lost. Never give up, I had to try again. Two years later, we were again in the CL final. And finally, we won the cup with Bayern." (ANI)