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Congress leader Sachin Pilot (photo/ANI)
Congress leader Sachin Pilot (photo/ANI)

"Congress campaign was positive, BJP poll effort didn't catch public eye": Sachin Pilot

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2023 18:37 IST

Tonk (Rajasthan) [India], November 24 (ANI): Expressing confidence of Congress winning the assembly polls in Rajasthan, party leader Sachin Pilot on Friday said that people have made up their minds and the party will return to power in the polling to be held on Saturday.
"Leaders must speak on development issues in rallies, what is the planning for the future, what is the report card now. If the public issues are given priority, then a good narrative will be created in the elections. Congress' campaign was very positive. Though BJP tried to personalize it, to stir up emotional issues, I think their campaign did not catch the public eye," Pilot told ANI.
"People have made up their mind and voting tomorrow will be in favour of Congress," he added.
Asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remark about alleged victimisation with him in the Congress, Pilot said when BJP feels that they are losing, they start saying such things to divert from issues.
"Eight crore people live in Rajasthan. When government is formed, there is support of everyone - be it the farmers, youth, forward or the backward. Efforts should be made to bring everyone together. I think caste politics or religious politics is not a healthy sign for a democracy. We should set an example for the next generation...But whenever BJP feels that they are stumbling and they are not going to get majority and they will lose, they say things like this to create distractions. But people understand everything...I am satisfied that we will get good results on December 3," he said.
PM Modi, in his election rallies in the state earlier this week, alleged that Sachin Pilot was being victimised because his father Rajesh Pilot had challenged the Gandhi family once in the 1990s.
He also accused the Congress "royal family" of depriving "Gurjar son" Pilot of the chief minister's post.
Pilot said "caste politics and religious politics" can be a threat to democracy.
He also called upon people to exercise their franchise on the voting day in large numbers.
"The most important thing is that the vote percentage should be good. Leader, policy and leadership--one should vote considering these in mind," he said.
Voting will be held on November 25 in 199 of 200 assembly constituencies in the state. Over 5.2 crore people are eligible to vote in the polls. Election to Karanpur constituency has been adjourned due to death of Congress candidate.
In 2018, the Congress won 99 seats, and BJP got 73. (ANI)