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Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhwat. (Photo/ANI)
Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhwat. (Photo/ANI)

"Congress betrayed all sections...change will create new history in Rajasthan": Shekhawat scoffs at Gehlot's 'undercurrent' remark

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2023 19:39 IST

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) [India], November 24 (ANI): Union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Friday hit out at Rajasthan Chief Minister over his remarks about an "undercurrent" in favour of Congress and said Ashok Gehlot held similarly underestimated support for BJP in the 2013 assembly polls when the party won 163 seats.
Shekhawat, who is Union Minister of Jal Shakti, told ANI that the Ashok Gehlot government has "betrayed every section" of society and people have made up their minds to vote it out in the assembly polls to be held on Saturday.
"In 2013, when BJP had got 163 seats and Congress was reduced to 21, even then he (Ashok Gehlot) had felt an undercurrent. He was not aware of this feeling then that the vibration they were feeling was a tsunami for the removal of their government," Shekhawat said.
"The people of Rajasthan have made up their minds...The present Ashok Gehlot government has betrayed every section of society and did not fulfil even a single promise made in 2018. The people feel betrayed. The people are united, this time the rule will change and it will change in such a way that a new history will be created," he added.
Gehlot had said earlier in the day that there is a strong undercurrent in favour of the ruling Congress in the state.
"They (BJP) were trying to topple our government. It is a sin to topple an elected government. The people will take revenge for this. There is an undercurrent in favour of Congress. I can feel that in the whole state, there is a wave of Congress. Villages that were previously supporting the BJP are now supporting Congress due to our schemes and policies," Gehlot said.
Shekhawat said the Gehlot government did not address major issues in the state and did not fulfil promises made in the 2018 elections.
"They made fake promises. They were involved in corruption on the pretext of welfare schemes. Our leaders have raised five major issues in the state including those of farmers, violence against women, unemployment, and paper leak, which were not addressed by the ruling Congress. The way farmers were betrayed because of which many farmers were pushed to the edge of committing suicide. Isn't this an issue we should be discussing?" he asked.
"Over 20000 farmers lost their land because Congress did not fulfil their promise given to the farmers. Isn't this an issue? The future of more than 17 lakh youth is in darkness. Their families' dreams were shattered. Many times, there was a paper leak. Wasn't all this an issue? More than two lakh women were violated, even children, and little girls facing crimes. Isn't this an issue that should be addressed?"
The Union Minister alleged there is not one state department "that was not involved in corruption".
"The ministers in Rajasthan have crossed all limits of corruption. Gold, crores of cash was recovered. Lands, temple lands, mining, mid-day meal, electronics and communication, in every department there was at least one scam happening. Isn't this an issue here?" Shekhawat asked.
"After all this, Gehlot Sahab claims there are no issues in Rajasthan but keeps holding on to his schemes that have no basis and considers it as his priorities. Well, I wish him the best with his 'issues'," he said,
Shekhawat also claimed that in the 2018 polls, Congress projected Sachin Pilot as the face of the party but Gehlot was made the Chief Minister.
"In the 2018 elections, we saw what happened, Sachin Pilot was projected as their face, then Gehlot saab showed his 'jaadugaari' and became CM," Shekhawat said.
"The people are united...Rajasthan needs development, a better future for the youth, dignified life for the women and farmers. Rajasthan is looking forward to change and yearns for development. This Amrit Kaal, we can help make Rajasthan the growth engine of the whole country, make it the driver. Keeping this in mind, I'm confident that the people will not consider any person or party worthy (of their support) other than Bharatiya Janata Party's lotus to vote for," he told ANI.
The high-voltage election campaigning for assembly polls in the state ended on Thursday.
Polling will be held on 199 of 200 assembly seats on November 25 as elections have been adjourned on a seat due to the death of a Congress candidate. (ANI)